Christmas stollen was made in the 14th

Christmas stollen was made in the 14th

In retrospect one could say, “” that I obviously put my finger on a sore spot, “said Helnwein.

Helnwein saw his own childhood as a catastrophe. “” Vienna was a really dark and terrible place back then. “” With the first comic books about Mickey Mouse, his life had meaning for the first time: “” It was like entering a utopian paradise. “” And he added: ” “The only teacher I learned from was Walt Disney.” “The son of a postal worker, Helnwein grew up in a working-class neighborhood. He changed schools often and was aimless. “My daydream was to set fire to the school and start a revolution,” “he confessed.

As an illustrator with precision, objectivity and perfection, Helnwein slowly but surely became an initially controversial international star. He designs covers for magazines such as “” Spiegel “”, “” Esquire “”, “” Time “” and “” Playboy “”. His “” Self-Portrait “” from 1981 on the cover of the band Scorpions – a screaming man with a bandaged head and forks in his eyes – became a cult poster. In “” Epiphany 1 “” in the 1990s, high-ranking SS henchmen eyed the future dictator Hitler as the savior on the lap of an Aryan Maria. The atrocities of the Holocaust are one of the other topics of the artist from Austria, who paints with old masters finesse.

This summer, Helnwein caused a sensation in his hometown of Vienna with an oversized picture. A girl is targeting people with a machine gun, next to it a city is burning brightly – this year’s wrapping of the 70 meter high Vienna Ringturm polarized. “” I wanted to show the world we live in, “said Helnwein, explaining his intention. “” Children in America shoot different children every week. I wanted to show that children are being forced to carry weapons, that we live in a world that is on the brink of war. “”

The artistic mastery of the man who has four children and after a twelve-year layover in the Eifel now alternately lives in Ireland and Los Angeles is in demand. “” I have a long waiting list, “” said Helnwein. The hard-working treats himself to a break at home for his birthday. He wants to meet friends in Vienna for dinner, he says. For him an evening without Wiener Schnitzel or boiled beef. Helnwein, who shows the torments of the flesh in art, is a vegetarian in life.

A delicious topping is an essential part of cupcakes. It becomes particularly exotic and fresh with desiccated coconut and a hint of lemon. You can find out how to make the cream cheese mixture in this recipe.

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What you need for a simple topping

The topping of the cupcakes is what the topping of a cake is. The cream cheese mixture refines the little cake in many different flavors. The variant with desiccated coconut goes particularly well with chocolate cupcakes or fresh lemon batter. Here you can find out, according to a recipe from the magazine “” EatSmarter! “”, Which ingredients you need for the topping of around 24 cupcakes:

100 g butter, 50 g sugar, 70 g cream cheese, 50 g coconut cream, 150 g powdered sugar, desiccated coconut

Desiccated coconut sweeten every cupcake: preparation

Mix the butter and sugar together until a creamy mixture is obtained, then add the cream cheese and coconut cream (or coconut butter). Finally, the powdered sugar follows. Stir everything until the topping forms a spreadable cream. Now apply it to the prepared cupcakes and decorate the topping with desiccated coconut.

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Don’t you have all the ingredients at hand? The recipe can be simplified even more by reducing it to powdered sugar, cream cheese and desiccated coconut.thesis statement for scout in to kill a mockingbird To do this, mix about 200 g of cream cheese and 100 g of powdered sugar and stir in 50 to 100 g of rasps.

According to the bakeries, the rise in the price of butter makes traditional Christmas stollen more expensive this year. There are also slight price increases for other ingredients.

“” Stollen consists largely of butter, so the higher butter prices are reflected accordingly, “said Hans Schreier, managing director of the Thuringian Christmas Stollen and Erfurt Schittchen protection association. At the Erfurt Christmas market, the association invited to the annual official cut of the tunnel on Sunday, despite the blowing snow.

The tradition of Christmas stollen

According to Schreier, 16 bakeries have passed the taste and ingredient test of the protection association this year and are officially allowed to name their baked goods Thuringian Stollen or Erfurt Schittchen. The name is protected in Germany. In addition to butter, flour, sugar and yeast as leavening agents, a Christmas cake includes exotic ingredients such as almonds, raisins, lemon peel and orange peel.

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The association includes 35 stollen manufacturers in Thuringia, mostly craft bakeries. Every year he has his own stand at the Erfurt Christmas Market. Christmas stollen was first mentioned in a document in Naumburg in the 14th century.

A study by Stiftung Warentest shows: the quality of honey fluctuates. There are weaknesses in three varieties in particular.

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The quality of commercial honey is often not right. That is the result of the Stiftung Warentest (“” test “” – edition 2/2019). In a study, 10 out of 36 products were “” poor “”. Eleven products scored “” good “”, the rest “” satisfactory “” or “” sufficient “”.

The atypical taste, heat damage, critical ingredients and the pollen composition were criticized. According to the testers, some of this could have been avoided through more careful manufacturing. They stated: “” Good honey cannot be identified by its type, its origin or its price. “” After all, inexpensive products are among the best.

Mixed flower honey and forest honey: These products are good

Among the mixed blossom honeys without a variety of types, four were “” good “”: These include “” Maribel Creamy Blossom Honey Spreadable “” from Lidl, “” Bee Honey Creamy Spreadable “” from Nektarquell, “” Bee Honey Creamy “” from Dr. Krieger’s – all at prices of around 4.60 euros per kilogram. In addition, Langnese offers “” Landhonig goldcremig “” for around 8 euros per kilogram.

Among the forest honeys, which bees gain from honeydew from deciduous and coniferous trees as well as nectar from flowers near the forest, were “” Forest Honey “” from Aldi Nord, “” Goldland Forest Honey Tart and Spicy “” from Aldi Süd and “” Marlene aromatic forest honey fine spicy “” from Lidl “” good “”. The products cost around six euros per kilogram each.

Varietal honey: mixed result

Among the variety of honeys, which have to offer a minimum amount of typical pollen in addition to a certain taste, the result for the wildflower, acacia and linden honeys was very mixed. Two thirds of the 15 products were “” poor “”. For example, some acacia honey tasted artificial and not mild. “” Good “” were only the “” acacia honey “” from Rewe Bio and “” Feiner Lindenhonig “” from D’arbo at a kilo price of around 16.40 euros and around 12 euros, respectively.

Rapeseed honey was a bright spot with two good and satisfying products each. The first two were “” Rapeseed blossom hearty “” from Breitsamer Honig and “” German Beekeeper Honey Rapeseed Honey mildly creamy “” from Dreyer for around 12 euros per kilogram each.

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Critical substances in every third honey

What was also noticeable: the testers found critical substances such as the weed killer glyphosate or certain plant toxins in around every third honey – but in amounts that were harmless to health. They also found pollen from genetically modified plants – in traces of ten products.

The following aspects played a role for the overall assessment by Stiftung Warentest: Sensory technology, critical substances, pollen spectrum and microscopic abnormalities, basic chemical-physical characteristics such as water content, information on the packaging and the packaging itself. Every German consumes more than a kilo on average Honey per year.

Sources used: dpa-tmn test results from Stiftung Warentest

Many celebrities swear by the power of Manuka honey from New Zealand. Prices are rising worldwide. At the same time, people are still trying to find out in their homeland how pure the “miracle honey” actually has to be.

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He’s in the kitchen of Gwyneth Paltrow’s. Ed Sheeran uses it to oil his voice. Scarlett Johannson smears it on his face. Manuka honey from New Zealand has developed into one of the supposedly healthy foods that are currently particularly popular around the world. It is particularly popular with actresses and pop stars who take care of their bodies.

In Germany, too, the demand for expensive honey is increasing: in health food stores, the jar can cost up to 85 euros. At these prices, it is not surprising that many charlatans want to benefit from the success. The fraudulent labeling is flourishing. There is not always real Manuka honey in the stylish jars.

Honey is an export hit

It is estimated that only 1700 tons of it are produced in New Zealand each year. However, around 10,000 tons are sold worldwide under the name Manuka honey. For years, New Zealand’s government has therefore been working on a certificate of authenticity for the export hit, but so far without any success.

Despite the high price, Manuka honey has become one of New Zealand’s export hits. (Source: Christoph Sator / dpa / dpa)

Since 2006, exports of New Zealand honey have increased almost tenfold – from the equivalent of 23 million to 201 million euros. Manuka honey makes up the majority of this. The New Zealand Beekeeping Association estimates that “Manuka Honey made in New Zealand” was exported for around 166 million euros last year alone. The glasses are in delicatessen countries around the world.

According to the German Honey Association, around 180 tons of honey from New Zealand went to Germany. The statistics do not reveal how much of it was Manuka honey. However, interest is increasing here too, says an association spokesman. It could be more. “” Due to geographic and seasonal conditions, manuka honey is scarce. In spite of the increased demand, the trend in imports is decreasing with increasing prices. “”

This is how the honey is obtained

The honey is obtained from the nectar of the flowers of the Manuka bush (Leptospermum scoparium). Several studies show that it actually has high antibacterial effects. That is why it is also used in medicine. Native to New Zealand, the Maori, have used it for centuries to treat inflammation and infection.

Definition is difficult

Meanwhile, the New Zealand honey industry has been struggling for years to define what Manuka honey is all about. The development of a test that perfectly confirms authenticity is still ongoing. The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) in the capital Wellington is responsible for this.

On his behalf, scientists collected nectar, leaves and pollen from more than 700 plants. They analyzed 800 honey samples produced by 120 New Zealand beekeepers. Recently they finally made an initial suggestion: Accordingly, four substances are needed to determine unequivocally whether it is pure Manuka honey, a mixture or a completely different variety.

Fear of fraudulent labeling

But there is already criticism of the proposal, including from Germany. At the Technical University (TU) Dresden, food chemists developed a process two years ago to distinguish Manuka honey from other types. Professor Karl Speer’s team fears that the proposal from New Zealand would make the fraudulent labeling even easier.

“Judging whether a honey contains manuka is relatively easy,” says the professor. “” It is much more difficult to clarify how many parts must be included in order to be considered Manuka honey. “” It is crucial that you agree on a percentage – which is not so easy because of the different interests of the many participants .

The government now intends to announce its determination of which substances and in which quantities must be contained in “” real “” Manuka honey in about three months. Consumers around the world should be sure that wherever manuka honey is on it, there really is enough manuka honey in it. Nobody knows yet what the recommendation will look like.

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There is no such thing as pure manuka honey

But what is already clear today: 100% Manuka honey does not exist and cannot be. “Even though they are incredibly smart, we cannot give instructions to bees,” says Bees and Trees, one of the New Zealand manufacturers. “” We cannot tell them to only visit manuka flowers. “”

The Çiloğlu Handels company is recalling honey. There may be metal clips in the “” Dogal Bal “” product sold in Turkish supermarkets.

The grocer Çiloğlu Handels GmbH has recalled its honeycomb honey “” Dogal Bal “” because there could be staples in the honey. This is announced by the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety. The clips come from the honeycomb frames that beekeepers use to extract honey.

Recall of honey: This product is affected

The affected is the 400 gram pack of “” Dogal Bal “” with the best before date 16.02.2020. The honey was sold in individual Turkish specialty shops all over Germany, as a spokesman for the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Consumer Protection says.

But not alcohol-free: the brewery is recalling beer

The manufacturer from Böblingen asks customers not to eat the honey and to bring it back to the store. The purchase price will be refunded.

Sources used: dpa

It is not easy to differentiate between state-forming flying insects such as bees, bumblebees, hornets and wasps. Here you can find out how to recognize a wasp’s nest and whether it can be removed from your garden.

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Insect nest in the garden – what now?

They settle under the roof, on house walls, in sheds, at certain corners in the garden and in the ground: bees, wasps, hornets and bumblebees.