Boeing passengers on board can hardly believe their eyes

Boeing passengers on board can hardly believe their eyes

As a result, the brakes also had to offer more tire clearance in order to work in combination with the larger tires or not to drag. The rest of the cyclo-cross racing bike hardly differs from the road racer: propulsion is the motto and a racing handlebar helps to achieve a more aerodynamically favorable position.

Cyclocross: out of the niche in cycling and everyday life

Cyclocross is (still?) A long way from being as big a market as that of mountain bikes and racing bikes, but it is definitely indicative that in addition to many small specialist suppliers, almost all of the big names in the industry now also offer cyclocross bikes. Various cyclocross peculiarities have developed over the years, such as the additional brake lever on the top link called Frog Leg, which every cyclocross novice will appreciate when he completes the first off-road descent with racing bike handlebars. Or the disc brakes that have long been established on mountain bikes, which were first approved by the UCI (World Cycling Association) on cross-country bikes for off-road use and are currently making the move on the road.

With all the competition and technical innovations that turn a street car into an off-road racing bike, one should definitely keep in mind: What originated in racing also works as a very universal, really robust sports bike in everyday life. Whether as a training device for the darker season of the year or as a commuter for the way to work: A cyclocross bike is fast, robust and very versatile. For example, slightly narrower tires with less rolling resistance can be fitted onto the rims in summer.

Cyclocross cyclists: the tough among the filigree

If you want to do cyclocross more sportily and race, you should be a passionate cyclist: Most cyclocross races in this country take place in the winter months. Then when road cycling doesn’t really work. The races are held in different age and rating classes and go over different distances. But they all have one thing in common: You definitely won’t get home clean. Gravel roads, soft forest soil, sodden meadows and natural or artificial obstacles have to be mastered. Pedaling, running, crawling – it doesn’t matter. But if you want to be in the ranking, you have thailand rent wife to cross the finish line by bike. 

The summer months in particular attract active nature sports enthusiasts to the outdoors. The best way to discover particularly beautiful views is by bike. The TourBooks of the ADAC, the series "The most beautiful bike tours" brings out cycling trails for everyone. You can get a preview of the ADAC bike tours in our photo show.

With the bike to the most beautiful views
Photo series with 10 pictures

Cycling routes in Germany: Hohenschwangau and Lake Constance – beautiful views

Breathtaking views of Hohenschwangau Castle and Neuschwanstein Castle – the cultural highlights when cycling from Lake Constance to Königssee – as well as the pilgrimage church of St. Coloman offer the easy stage from Füssen to Halchch. From the Bannwaldsee, cyclists can enjoy a beautiful view of the Alpine foothills.

Cycling routes in Germany: Enjoy the five lakes region around Munich

It goes through the Fünfseenland to Andechs. The start and end of the moderately difficult round tour is Weßling. The route offers views of the Weßlinger See and the Wörthsee. The Alpine chain comes into view before Seefeld. Andechs Monastery is not just worth a look, it is always worth a visit.

More beautiful bike paths and bike tours

Photo show: Five Rivers Cycle Path – cycle tour on the banks of Bavaria Cycling in spring – with mountain bike and racing bike in the sun Vennbahn: one of the longest railway cycle paths in Europe Adrenaline! By bike over the 10 most spectacular passes in the world Cycling on the longest cycle path in the world Radreisen 2014 – holiday destinations from Germany to Italy to Cuba

Bike tour for ambitious cyclists through Alsace and Vosges

On the strenuous and long tour (820 meters in altitude) through the eastern French countryside to the Rocher de Dabo viewpoint, you can also make a detour to the Haut-Barr castle ruins with an excellent panoramic view of the surrounding area. In Saverne, the start and finish point of the circular route, a visit to the castle and the half-timbered pedestrian zone is worthwhile.

Cycling to the Moselle loop

The stage from Traben-Trarbach to Zell is almost flat with a view of the river and vineyards as well as the Marienburg near Pünderich. The short detour to the Prinzenkopf is worthwhile because of the fantastic view of the Moselle loop around the Zeller Hamm.

Elbe cycle path

The route from Schöna to Meißen is long, but without climbs. It offers cyclists a stunning view of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, and later of the Königstein Fortress. On the further journey come Pillnitz Castle, the bridge "Blue miracle" the terrace bank of Dresden, vineyards and the Albrechtsburg in Meißen in view.

Further information:

The ADAC TourBooks "The most beautiful bike tours" for different cycling areas are available at a price of 12.95 euros each from bookshops and ADAC branches as well as on the Internet at or on the order hotline 0180 5/10 11 12 (14 ct / min from the landline, mobile max. 42 ct / min).

Information on individual routes can also be found at:

After London was again the target of an attack, the Federal Foreign Office issued new security warnings for the country. But greater caution is currently required in other countries as well.

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Great Britain

"The UK authorities call for vigilance against the threat of terrorism, particularly for suspicious bags on public transport and other possible signs of terrorist acts. Travelers are asked to be careful and to strictly follow the instructions of the security forces" it says from the Foreign Office. After there have been repeated individual terrorist attacks in recent months and with regard to international terrorism, the British security authorities have also set five warning levels:

No danger – an attack is unlikelyLow danger – an attack is possible, but unlikelyHigh risk – an attack is possibleHigh risk – an attack is very likelyVery high risk – an attack is expected immediately

Currently, level 4 applies to all four parts of the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland).


The security situation in France, especially in Paris, also remains tense and the state of emergency that has been in force since November 2015 was extended until mid-July 2017. Therefore, travelers are advised to exercise particular caution. In addition, you are urged to follow the instructions of the French security forces and to keep yourself informed about media offers, in particular social media accounts of the French government and security agencies.

In addition, special safety precautions have been taken:

Increased identity checks in public; Random checks in underground stations and train stations; Increased military presence at train stations; Police presence in the underground trains and on the streets; Access controls at airports and to Thalys

The Federal Foreign Office also informs: "In addition, controls will take place up to and including July 15, 2017 at the internal borders of France with Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain as well as at the air and sea borders. There may therefore be temporary restrictions in travel. Long waiting times must be expected, especially when entering from Great Britain. Travelers should always carry an identification document (identity card, passport) with them."


In Italy, the security authorities are also warning of the danger of terrorist attacks and have strengthened their security measures. It is said that an increased risk from terrorism cannot be ruled out at religious sites. Travelers are advised to exercise caution and vigilance, especially when there are large gatherings of people.


The terror warning level for Sweden is from "National Center for Terrorist Threat Assessment" currently on "elevated" (Level 3) assessed. The Federal Foreign Office advises travelers against taking unknown people with them who may not have a valid ID or an entry visa. This could be prosecuted as smuggling, it is said.

Worldwide safety notice

According to the Federal Foreign Office, it cannot be ruled out that German nationals are also the target of terrorist acts of violence abroad. You should therefore be particularly careful in places with a symbolic character. This includes:

Well-known sightsGovernment and administration buildingsTraffic infrastructure (especially aircraft, trains, ships, buses) Economic and tourism centersHotelsMarketsReligious meeting places Larger gatherings of people

"There is a particular risk of an attack in countries and regions in which attacks have already been carried out repeatedly or can be carried out relatively easily due to a lack of effective security measures, or in which terrorists have the support of the local population" is a worldwide safety notice.

However, the authority also points out that the risk of falling victim to an attack is still comparatively low. Accidents, illnesses or ordinary crime are much more common. Nevertheless, travelers should be aware of the risk and behave as follows:

Terror Night Great Britain: Assassins kill seven people in central London Fear researcher on the subject of terror: ” skip the television sometimes ”Before and during a trip, find out about the conditions in your country of travel. Behave appropriately to the situation. Follow the local media. Report suspicious activities (e.g. unattended baggage in airports or train stations, suspicious behavior by people) to the local police or Security agencies.

Youngsters can now present their own fitness program in a four-minute video. As part of the Berlin youth fair "You" a competition is running from August 1st to September 11th. Students between 14 and 22 years of age have to think of a workout with different exercises. From dance to kung fu elements, everything is allowed.

Five selected films will be presented to an expert jury

The four-minute film can be uploaded to the internet platform Five videos will be selected for the final by voting. The creators of the five most popular videos will eventually become "You" on 23.