So also the Skoda Citigo iV.

So also the Skoda Citigo iV.

For this very reason, Tesla fired seven percent of its workforce earlier this year, closed most retail stores, and cut prices. It is uncertain whether Musk’s bill will work or the downsizing will become a problem. There are also uncertainties in the promising market of China. The world’s largest car market has collapsed. There are also questions about workers and suppliers.

It also left a smack, if you remember the third quarter of 2018, in which a solid profit was also reported. In the fourth quarter this had already shrunk significantly. And in the first half of this year, the loss then amounted to more than a billion US dollars. Turnaround or journey on the same path? “” It will remain volatile, “” predicts Dudenhöffer. “” But Tesla is on the way to stabilizing.

The really big problems are over. “” That’s exactly what investors are betting on right now. At the start of trading on Wall Street, the share, which has buckled by more than 20 percent since the beginning of the year, shot up by almost 19 percent. Source: “The increase in VAT planned by the Union in the event of an election victory in early 2006 is from the retailer’s point of view until the beginning not to be implemented next year. “” It is not technically possible for retailers to accomplish this by January 1, 2006, “” said the spokesman for the Main Association of German Retailers, Hubertus Pellengahr, on ZDF According to Pellengahr, that would put a strain on companies and cost jobs. “” That is not a good idea, it has to be corrected. “” In any case, the planned VAT increase is poison for all consumption.

In its election manifesto, the Union spoke out in favor of an increase in VAT at the beginning of 2006 from the current 16 to 18 percent. Chancellor candidate Angela Merkel wants to book the bulk of the revenue with the federal government in order to reduce the contributions for the unemployment insurance to 4.5 from 6.5 percent. Source: “Cheers in the capital region: The electric car manufacturer Tesla chooses the Berlin area as the location for a new electric car plant in Europe. Numerous new jobs are to be created. Politics and science expect a boost for all of Auto Germany The planned European branch of the electric car manufacturer Tesla is likely to create 6,000 to 7,000 new jobs in Brandenburg alone, according to the Berlin economic administration in the capital.

Tesla is also planning a development and design center in Berlin. How many additional jobs are to be created there and which locations are being discussed was initially not known. Berlin’s Senator for Economic Affairs, Ramona Pop from the Greens, spoke of several hundred jobs.

In the past few months there have been intensive talks between Berlin, Brandenburg and Tesla, it said. Tesla boss Elon Musk had surprisingly announced on Tuesday evening in Berlin that he would build his European factory in the area around Berlin. The plant is to be built near the planned capital city airport BER. In the so-called Gigafactory, the future compact SUV Model Y as well as batteries and drives are to be produced. According to information from Brandenburg government circles, the planned factory of the electric car manufacturer Tesla is to be located in the municipality of Grünheide. The planned location in the Oder-Spree district has been in discussion for around four months, it said.

The location around 35 kilometers southeast of Berlin city center is connected to the A10 ring road and the A12 in the direction of Poland. Tesla had been looking for a location for a “gigafactory”, as the company calls its plant, in Europe for a long time. Although other countries showed interest, Musk had previously said that Germany had a good chance. According to previous information, the factory in Germany is expected to go into operation at the end of 2021. Car expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer sees the Tesla decision as a positive signal for Germany as a car location. “” Competition has always ensured that we get better and faster, “said Dudenhöffer.

Accordingly, this is also good news for VW, Daimler and BMW. “” With Elon Musk’s decision for Germany, we are strengthened and electric mobility is picking up more speed than at 100 Chancellor summits in Berlin. “” Tesla plant in California (Photo: REUTERS) Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier also welcomed Tesla’s plans. “Tesla’s decision to build a state-of-the-art factory for electric cars in Germany is further proof of the attractiveness of Germany as an automotive location,” said Altmaier. “” It is also a milestone in the expansion of electromobility and battery expertise. “” “We assume that we now have the chance to become an important center in this area in the coming years,” said Altmaier. “” First of all, Mr. Musk has announced a political decision. “” He expects that the step that has now been communicated will be “” backed up with concrete investment decisions “”. “” So far there has not been any talk of subsidies, “said Altmaier. Dudenhöffer sees the German government’s strategy to promote battery production being challenged by the Tesla plant. It should now be considered what sense Altmaier’s announced billion still have for German lithium-ion production, according to Dudenhöffer. The battery research factory funded with 200 million euros by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia should also be critically examined. “” We shouldn’t reinvent the wheel with a battery research factory in Aachen and Münster, but rather work on the most valuable, the cell material, “” demands the head of the CAR -Center Automotive at the University of Duisburg-Essen. With CATL in Erfurt and Northvolt, LG-Chem and Samsung in other locations, further battery factories are planned in Europe. Source:, shu / dpa / rts / DJ “It is by far the most important car at this year’s IAA: the ID.3 from Volkswagen. VW is launching its electric offensive on a grand scale with the ID.3 in Frankfurt. VW has so far invested 11 billion euros in the ID project, which is expanding across all segments.

Money that the ID.3 also has to bring in again. In this respect, designers and engineers have meticulously made sure that the 4.26 meter long ID.3 is new and electric in all respects, but has all the old virtues of a Golf The space in the interior as well as that in the luggage compartment. Of course, the range is also important. The ID.3 will be available in three power levels, the largest of which promises a battery for 550 kilometers. With the two larger battery versions, the on-board charger is then designed with three phases, making eleven kilowatts possible. When it comes to a CCS fast charging station (direct current), as already found on motorways, up to 100 kW of electricity flow. In 30 minutes, electricity can be recharged for a range of 260 kilometers. The engine output is almost irrelevant in an electric car. In the ID.3 it is 150 or 204 hp.

In conjunction with the rear-wheel drive, this should ensure sufficient propulsion, especially since the electric motor delivers a torque of 310 Newton meters and that practically from a standing start. The Vmax is limited to 160 km / h. With the ID.3, VW is also selling its new logo, which is based heavily on the one from the 1960s. In addition to the current speedster, the Zuffenhausen-based company forego all of them – except for a 911 This year, Porsche will also be fully electrified at the IAA with the Taycan Turbo S. Why the Taycan as an electric car has a turbo in the abbreviation is not clear, but the performance should speak for itself: Up to The four-seater offers 761 hp and a range of 412 kilometers (WLTP). The high-performance electric car, which will be available at the beginning of 2020, starts at 152,136 euros for the weaker basic models, the top version costs 185,456 euros, as does Cupra, Seat’s sporty sub-brand , is represented in Frankfurt with a symbiosis of performance SUV and sports coupé. The basis for the study with the name Tavascan is the electrical group construction kit (MEB), which the upcoming compact car VW ID.3 will also use The interior is dominated by a steering wheel with large control buttons for driving mode and engine start that are reminiscent of a super sports car. The Cupra Concept is now exploring its sporting potential. The El Born study is not new, but once again points out how the ID.3 in a … … interpretation of the Spaniards will arrive. So here is the electric and electrifying Seat Leon of the near future. The seven-seater SUV Tarraco will also offer electric driving skills in the …… plug-in available from 2020 -Hybrid variant called FR PHEV, …… which can drive up to 50 kilometers emission-free. In Frankfurt, Skoda has, among other things, the lifted Superb in its luggage. This will also be available in the future …… in a plug-in hybrid version. The electric motor develops 115 hp, the 1.4 TSI provides 156 hp.

Together, both drives generate a system output of 218 hp with CO2 emissions of less than 38 g / km, Skoda promises. The Superb iV starts in Germany from 41,590 euros. The Combi is available from 42,590 euros. After deducting the Skoda environmental bonus and the government subsidy to be applied for, the price is reduced to 38,805 euros for the sedan and 39,305 euros for the station wagon variant. The revamped Skoda Superb will also be available again as a scout, i.e. with a robust off-road attitude can also keep an eye on the Scout in Frankfurt. VW’s small cars will only be available as electric cars in the future. So also the Skoda Citigo iV. The Czechs give its range of 260 kilometers, and the electric city runabout is available for leasing for 145 euros a month.

The purchase price starts at 20,950 euros. After deducting the premiums, you end up with just under 16,500 euros. Visually nothing has changed on the Citigo iV compared to the combustion model. With an extremely sharp study, BMW shows what its e-cars will look like in the future. Well, in the special case it is probably rather the prospect of the upcoming 4 Series Coupé. But that could also be operated purely electrically. There will certainly not be such design subtleties as the side mirror with the BMW logo on the inside. The sideline of the Concept 4 is just beautiful, which will hopefully be transferred into series production in exactly the same way Heck, you want exactly in this way. And if you look at it a little longer, the nostalgic hears the hard cracking from the tailpipes.

And that doesn’t come from an electric motor. Mini is also showing its first electric car at the IAA in the form of the Mini Cooper SE. Parts of the technology come from the i3, the torque of the electric motor should …… in connection with the dynamic chassis The city runabout should have 184 hp and a 33 kWh battery. BMW almost ashamed the X6 in the exhibition halls, …… which in Germany in November 2019 at prices from 75,500 euros to the The all-wheel-drive giant with a coupé roof has grown to 4.94 meters in length and 2.0 meters in width. The diesel and gasoline-powered engines range from 265 hp to 530 hp. The Vision concept vehicle is also being shown to a larger audience for the first time M Next, the wedge-shaped gullwing with a hybrid drive of over 600 hp is intended to show …… how the electric and autonomous car future …… can be reconciled with the driving fun principle à la BMW Mercedes has A- and B-Class n its entire range as plug-in hybrids on display at the start and at the IAA. The A 250e and B 250e are specified with a realistic electric range of over 50 kilometers. Mercedes has its vision of tomorrow or the day after tomorrow with the EQS study With this, the Stuttgart-based company also gives the optical direction of their upcoming electric cars: the EQS is long and flat, crouches sleekly into the wind and relies on rounded, soft lines. A light band runs around the vehicle in which the …… minimalist holographic lenses serving as headlights are integrated; 940 individual LEDs also let the digital radiator grille shine – it not only looks stylish, but also serves to communicate with the outside world. The answer to the new BMW X6 is the new GLE Coupé at the Mercedes stand. For the first time also as the 350e with an electric range of 100 kilometers, made possible by a two-liter diesel with 194 hp and a 100 kW electric motor.

Together, the two have 320 hp and are good for a pulling power of 700 Newton meters. With the EQV, an E version of the V-Class, Mercedes is also showing a spacious and long-range Stromer with over 400 kilometers. Ultimately, however, the future will be out For fans of the faster and somewhat louder pace, the Stuttgart-based company has also brought the GLE Coupe 400 and …… the range of the latest AMG models to Frankfurt. However, Mercedes boss Ola Källenius has already announced that the sports brand will continue to electrify itself, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you won’t see this green S-Class on the Mercedes stand. The luxury glider is in a separate area. But not only the color of this S-Class is exclusive, the interior fittings or, better still, the color of the leather upholstery are not available off the shelf. The car is currently not sold, but acceptance is possible that wealthy sheikhs in Saudi Arabia are interested in it. Why?

Because the exterior color of the car is also the country’s color. The new Land Rover Defender is celebrating a real world premiere at the IAA in Frankfurt. From the front it looks more like an inflated Discovery, but so be it. The British have brought the icon back to life, and the range of engines includes two petrol and two diesel engines between 200 hp and 400 hp. The top model with a three-liter six-cylinder petrol engine is a so-called mild hybrid, which has a turbo and an electrically driven compressor.In the interior, the digital present has reached the icon. Most of the known assistance systems can be ordered.

The central 10-inch monitor is complemented by a digital, programmable 12.7-inch instrument behind the steering wheel. A 48-volt battery supplies a starter generator, which also supports the engine.