It is not uncommon for this type of beer to be tasty for half a measure, after which you are full.

It is not uncommon for this type of beer to be tasty for half a measure, after which you are full.

It should be a whole day so that you get as much as possible of the brewing process. >>

You should also be actively involved and not just have to stand by, watch and listen. "In our brewing course you can do everything yourself, from grist malt to lautering to wort boiling. All the work that a brewery does in the brewhouse" explains Priller-Riegele. "Then we take over. Your own beer then has to ferment for about eight days and store it for about four to eight weeks, depending on the beer style, before you can pick it up from us."  

The full program As the last criterion for the perfect brewing course, you should make sure that there is enough program on offer. "During the brewing process, there are long pauses in which not much happens. Nobody wants to watch the temperature change for an hour" says Priller-Riegele. "You should therefore consciously look for a brewery with a lot of know-how that is exciting, has a lot to tell and offers a variety of gap fillers. For example blind tasting, beer and glass studies, a tour of the brewery or a visit to the in-house beer garden. We also give you the opportunity, for example, to design your own bottle label for home-made beer." Brewing beer like 300 years ago

The brewing course in the Markus Wasmeier open-air museum on Schliersee in Bavaria is just as extensive and costs 85 euros per person. Here you can spend a day in a rustic atmosphere and experience first hand how beer was brewed 300 years ago. The result is then poured out to the museum visitors – and you play a key role in the quality of the beer. This requires a lot of muscle in the brewery. "All the work that is done with machines and pumps these days is done by hand" says brewer Olaf Krüger, who shows and explains everything to the course participants on site.

For example, the mash has to be scooped from the pan into the lauter tun, which can be quite sweaty. But the work is worth it, because by the end of the day you will definitely have gained a lot of new knowledge about the art of beer brewing. Who knows, you might one day brew your own beer on a grand scale. You will then know how it works. Great impressions of the brewing course from the Riegele brewery and the old Bavarian Schöpfbrauerei in the Markus Wasmeier open-air museum can be found in our photo show.

From the fruity Doppelbock to the massive Imperial Stout to the extremely exclusive Trappist beer: We asked Sebastian Priller, 2011 World Beer Sommelier Champion, about his very personal top ten of the most interesting beers. The result is an enjoyable journey through the diverse world of beer styles. A must for all beer lovers.

Far away from the boring standardized beer, more and more breweries are daring to create polarizing beers with a distinctive character. Including that "Aventinus" the private wheat beer brewery G. Schneider & Son from Germany. "The excellent wheat Doppelbock has been artistically refined and sloshes through the mouth as a fruity aroma bomb" says our beer expert Sebastian Priller. "When you drink it, it tastes wonderfully harmonious of ripe banana, paired with pleasant roasted aromas."Creating such a beer is not that easy. "It is not uncommon for this type of beer to be tasty for half a measure, after which you are full. The difficulty lies in brewing the beer in such a way that it does not look sticky and as light as possible when you drink it" explains Priller. "The English would speak of a high drinkability." >>

Samual Adams has a high drinkability "Utopias" not given. But that’s because you would otherwise upset, because this special vintage beer contains around 25 percent alcohol – depending on the vintage.

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The beer from the USA is stored in wooden barrels for up to 16 years and costs the equivalent of around 120 euros per copper bottle, which is shaped like a brewing kettle. Strictly limited, this delicacy is not drunk like beer, even if it is actually one, but like a cognac. "Best as a digestif with dinner or in the evening to end a beautiful day with a good cigar in front of the open fire" advises Priller.

Champagne among beers

But it can also be more exclusive: The so-called Trappist beer can be compared well with the champagne for wine.

This beer is only allowed to be brewed in seven monasteries worldwide (six in Belgium, one in the Netherlands) and henceforth adorned with its origin. "An absolute rarity among them is the ‘Westvleteren 12’ from the Trappist Abbey of Saint Sixtus in Belgium. This beer is part of the impressive tradition of Belgian strong beers and is probably the most famous of the Trappist beers" so Priller.

You will collect this bottle personally

If you want a bottle, you have to come by in person. The beer is only available on request in the monastery shop. And you won’t even be allowed into the yard without prior notification. Of course, this increases the exclusivity of the beer, which is quite strong with 12.2 percent alcohol. A trip to Belgium is worth it anyway, after all the country is famous for its excellent brewing art and the enormous variety of varieties. Would like more? You can find more beer recommendations from Sebastian Priller in our photo show.

Germans drink an average of 107.2 liters of beer per year. First and foremost because it simply tastes good and refreshes well. Just in time for the warm season, we want to make your barley juice even tastier – with these reasons why drinking beer is good for you.

Healthy beer
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Beer as a panacea? No, we don’t want to go that far. But beer has many health-promoting properties, for which the hops, which were named Medicinal Plant of the Year in 2007, are also responsible. The barley juice also contains important vitamins and minerals. But that doesn’t mean that you should just tip one beer at a time all day long. On the contrary: only those who enjoy beer in moderation can hope for its positive effects on the body.

Beer drinkers live longer

How healthy beer really is has not yet been fully recorded. Researchers are still studying the effects of 1000+ ingredients on the body. The highlight for every beer lover: a Danish research group from the National Health Institute in Copenhagen found in a 2008 study

that regular beer consumption can significantly increase life expectancy. Unless you overdo it with the amount. Men should therefore not drink more than a liter a day, women, on the other hand, have to cope with half.

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Above all, the risk of cardiovascular diseases should be greatly reduced by hops and malt, as beer protects the cells and vessels from dangerous fat deposits and keeps the blood flowing.

Beer for the heart

According to a 2011 study by the University of Münster, beer drinkers suffer only half as many heart attacks as abstainers. The barley juice can also have a beneficial effect on the fat and sugar metabolism as well as the cholesterol level.

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Beer is also powerful at reducing inflammation. The hop substance mainly contained in yeast wheat beer "Xanthohumol" In fact, it was shown to be effective in fighting cancer in the laboratory.

Against stress and other ailments After a stressful day at work, a cold beer is a really good choice to relax. Because this type of beer contains the largest amount of calming bitter substances and the anti-stress mineral magnesium. So it’s no wonder that you always like the after-work beer with your colleagues best. To fall asleep, however, you should rather do without it. Although it is easier to nod away with a glass of beer in the evening, the important REM sleep phase is shortened by the alcohol. Even if it doesn’t taste particularly good: If you have an acidic stomach, a few sips of warm beer will help bring the acidity back down to the right level. Important: Do not boil the beer, just warm it up, as the valuable ingredients are lost at more than 40 degrees Celsius. What Omi already knew: warm beer helps even with a cold. The bitter stoppers in it have an antibacterial effect and fight pathogens in the body. But you shouldn’t indulge in too much of it here either, because the alcohol in turn weakens the immune system. Beer as a sports drink

Alcohol-free beer is ideal as an isotonic drink for athletes, as runner legend Emil Zátopek knew in the 1950s. The "Czech locomotive" liked to hiss a quick light while running. It not only effectively quenches thirst during exercise, it also goes quickly into the blood and provides the body with fresh energy through the many carbohydrates and minerals.

Beer as noble as wine – not as a thirst quencher, but as a pleasure. Is the? This works out. Thanks to the beers from the small Braufactum brewery, which has recently begun delighting beer gourmets all over Germany with unusual specialties. The editorial team tested the manufactory’s most important imported beers and their own creations. You can also see the results in our photo show.

The Braufactum brewery is breaking new ground: the young company from Frankfurt wants to conquer the market for fine beers in Germany. The consensus in the editorial team: Braufactum’s barley juice offers consistently excellent quality with new and interesting flavors, consequences such as headaches did not appear even in the stronger creations. All beers impressed with their fine sparkling carbon dioxide, which is reminiscent of champagne. However, the mango flavors were pronounced in many of the beverages tested, which limited the range a little. All beers are described absolutely accurately on the website, so the buyer does not experience any unpleasant surprises and gets exactly what he has ordered. The culinary suggestions are also helpful and consistently appropriate. >>

A total of five cooks were hired for the test, who created the right dishes. Before the test, there was consistently a certain skepticism in the editorial team about the claim to make beers on a par with wine. After the tasting, this attitude had partly changed.

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Most testers would rather save the best creations for special occasions or serve them as a party gag, but only serve them up every now and then for daily enjoyment. Braufactum is used to this initial reluctance – beer as a delicacy still needs to be explained because it has been marketed as a quick drink up to now.